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crazy looop^_^! crazy looop^_^!

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Words cant explain

My words cant explain how much your music sucks. No mor loops.

up and down loop up and down loop

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Please stop making this crap

Please for the love of God and all of the children in the world stop making these crappy sounds that mean nothing. Seriously, are you trying to piss me off?

cemetary-films responds:

if you dont like them then fuck off im new to music dumb ass

some video game loop some video game loop

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What is this?

Just how can you explain this? This is the worst Audio on NG. How the fuck can you do this to us? I cant even explain how much this makes me mad.

cemetary-films responds:

if youre so fucking mad why dont you read my comments on these. i just fuckin started making music so shove it.

PSO Break Beat PSO Break Beat

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OMG!!!! This is not the mines in PSO. I have the game and I have beaten it many times. This song is friggin not on PSO. It was basically looping the whole time.

PSO-De Rol Le & Dark Falz RMX PSO-De Rol Le & Dark Falz RMX

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WTF?! I just got jipped off of a few minutes of my life thanks to you. Are you happy now? Seriously This sounds nothing like anything off of PSO. This sucks and God have mercy on your soul.

Kingdom Heats-Hikari Kingdom Heats-Hikari

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


OK? WTF!? Why is this your favorite KH song? This song sucks and I never heard it on the game. If you know where and when in the game this song takes place than please respond.

Lova-Gurl responds:

the credits cause the first part of the came it's not the real beat..

Kingdom Hearts- Hollow Bastion Kingdom Hearts- Hollow Bastion

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It was very good. This is my favorite song on KH so it was especially good for me.

Chronamut responds:


I'm not so big a fan of the new one in kingdom hearts 2 tho - it lacks intensity..

thanks for the review!


shadow (songs are messed up!) shadow (songs are messed up!)

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Bad/Good/Who gives a shit?

In my opinion I thought that it was just bad. Other people might think that it is good but I think that it was just horrible. I dont really give a shit about all the other reviews for this (the only other one besides this one). All I really care about is my reviews. Finally all I have to say is that it was bad.

Sonic Boom Sonic Boom

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Ugh. There is alwayse 1 person on NG who cant make a very good audio. Congradulations you have just won a zero as my vote.

dj-preset responds:

well i would have to agree.
if you wanna hear some kick ass goth music go to the goth portal and check out dj_pnf's music. thankyou for your reveiw.

i'm lookin foward to taking the shit out of your music..thats if you have any

Zelda oot- Nocturne of Shadows Zelda oot- Nocturne of Shadows

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was c000l

Dude it was awesome. I was just like the Nocturn of Shadows from OoT but much creepier and much cooler.